What is “The Adocentyn Research Library”?

  • The Adocentyn Research Library is a Pagan library & research center conveniently located in San Francisco’s East Bay.

  • It draws upon the sizable private libraries of seven Elders of the Bay Area’s Pagan community.  While the Participants are donating their books to the Library, they retain the right (during their lifetimes) to take “their” books in or out of the Library as they please, while others may use the books only on-site & with supervision.

  • While we plan to grow into the premier Pagan research center in the Western US, we are starting small, with a collection of about 13,000 books.

  • We have a non-profit organization to manage the Library and we hope that eventually new Participants and others will donate their own collections to the Library.

  • We welcome donations of books and/or funds.

If you are interested in being a Participant, contact Don Frew.

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